About Hiking.Earth

Specializing in camping, hiking, fishing, and paddling, we buy our own gear, test it, and write detailed reviews showing you the good and the bad.

Hiking.Earth was started in 2017 by John Hutchinson and later merged with Gryllers.com and GearCloud.net under the Hiking.Earth brand.

Recently, in 2023, Hiking.Earth joined the Jaded Ventures publishing family to continue delivering high-quality know-how, fresh ideas, and inspiration for all things outdoors.

We know there’s new gear on the market every year and a need for real, unbiased reviews to help you buy the best. We’re committed to helping our readers have the best experiences outdoors by providing up-to-date and information-rich content.

We research and try the latest products to help our adventure-seeking readers with practical, real-life tips and detailed guides.

The quality of our articles is extremely important to us. Each article is rigorously researched and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure it is up-to-date, accurate, and meets the needs of today’s hikers, campers, fishers, and paddlers.