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Salewa Capsico Review – The Go Anywhere, Do Almost Anything Shoe

Updated June 6, 2023

A single pair of Salewa Capsicos shoes can replace your around the house sandals, casual hiking shoes, water shoes, and casual sneakers. Not bad for a shoe that isn’t all that well known. Which is exactly why we like it!

salewa capsico shoes

They’ve been around for a few years, which is how long it took me to wear out my first pair. And I’ve worn them kayaking, camping, hiking, on casual Fridays and out for a beer and a burger with my girl.

Rugged looking and unique with their, (gasp) croc-like heel strap. They look as good and perform better than shoes I’ve had from Keen and the like, but for a lot less money.

The Salewa Capsicos are Comfortable

The toe box is roomy so your toes never feel cramped but the side structure of the Capsico gives you more stability than I would have expected. So much so that I have never had to tighten the one-pull laces. They fit snug and confident.

The rubber toe cap is a common feature on this type of shoe. It’s useful on rocky climbs while protecting your feet.

salewa capsico shoes are comfortable

It is smaller than some competing casual hiking shoes that have a fuller, more protective toe cap.

The Heel Strap Looks Different But Makes Sense

At first glance I didn’t understand the convertible heel strap and when flipped forward it doesn’t really >do anything but stay out of the way. I wear them as a slip on quite often as I’m in and out of the house a lot. You can pop them off and on when running to the store or out to a pick up wiffle ball game.

salewa capsico heel strap

Flip the strap back and secure it with the tab when you need the extra support. It has a very secure feeling and I’ve never felt the strap on my heel.

​It also keeps the soft sock material on your heel reducing the risk of blister.

In fact, the company prides themselves on the comfort of their shoes with a ‘No Blister Guarantee’, which I have no idea how they enforce, but I can honestly say I have never had a reason to try.

Tough But Lack Cushion

The Vibram sole is made to grip well and last a long time. The Capsico has outlasted most other casual hikers I’ve owned. The only beef I have with them is they are not heavily cushioned. They are extremely lightweight and great casual shoes but if you will be on you feet all day you will definitely feel their lack of cushion in the heel.

salewa capsico cushion

The men’s Salewa Capsico shoe comes in three colors, the one in this article and two others:

salewa capsico colors

salewa capsico color options

Salewa Capsico Reviews

We’ve read 28 online reviews of the mens Salewa Capsico so you don’t have to. Here’s what they had to say…

Overall User Rating: 4.7 / 5

The Good:

  • Super Versatile
  • Comfortable.
  • Quality construction
  • Tough to wear out

The Bad:

  • Lack cushion
  • Sizes run small
  • “Are those crocs?”

You wont find a lot of negatives in the online reviews. We found only one or two purchasers who reported a lack of cushion and sizes running small (which is a risk you take when buying any shoe online). And I have, on more than one occasion, been asked if they are crocs, which they are not… if that sort of thing bothers you…

salewa capsico reviews

Wrap Up

Great gear is versatile gear. The Salewa Capsico is a well made shoe with a unique design that sets it apart. It will easily take the place of your everyday, around the house shoe, your casual hiker, your playing with the kids shoe, your ‘I might end up in the water today’ shoe, and your casual Friday night out shoe.

The Capsico is not new, they’ve been out for a few years and are getting tougher to find. Amazon has the best supply and as usual the best price.

Written by Hutch


Hutch is the founder of Hiking.Earth. He comes from an outdoors and environmental background and helps people love and enjoy the outdoors and protect the planet.