Bear Grylls Trekking Poles Review

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If you have spent time out on the trails, you know that a good hiking pole can be an excellent addition to your equipment. And a lifesaver for your knees!

When I saw that legendary outdoorsman Bear Grylls released a set, I had to put them to the test on the trails.

I purchased the “Natural Cork Handle” version, but there is an “EVA Foam Handle” version as well.

First, let’s talk about comfort. Coming in at just 270g each, these carbon fiber poles are ultra-lightweight and are very comfortable to use for hours at a time. Adding to that comfort, the EVA handles and wrist straps. When I took these poles out it was quite hot and humid, yet the ergonomic grip design helped to prevent slippage and keep my hands relatively dry, while the padded wrist straps kept the poles close without any discomfort.

Bear Grylls Hiking Poles handle
Bear Grylls Hiking Poles strap

Next – durability. The hiking poles held up quite well through the loose rock, mud, and obstacles throughout the trails they were tested on, thanks to the strong, carbon fiber body.

Once the locking systems were correctly engaged for the height, there were no extension slippages – even when I leaned in on them a bit.

Bear Grylls Hiking Poles locking system

To make sure the locking system is tight and secure, simply twist the knobs on the back of the locking system, shown here:

Bear Grylls Hiking Poles knob

The tips appeared to handle stress very well and can be interchanged for rocky, muddy or snowy terrain.

Based on my outings with these poles, I’d highly recommend them for anyone looking to make their walks and hikes more enjoyable.

When I saw these pop up on Amazon, I had to try them out. I’ve had a pair of Black Diamond hiking poles for ages, so I was looking forward to the Bear Grylls hiking poles to see how they stood up. So far, I think they are just as good and were a fraction of the cost – which is the entire point of Bear’s new product line!

Bear Grylls Trekking Poles Features

Weight: 270 g per pole
Length: Collapsed 68.5, Extended 137cm
Material: Carbon fiber body with EVA foam or natural cork grips
1-year coverage against manufacturer defects

Bear Grylls Hiking Poles attachments
Bear Grylls Hiking Poles comfort grip
Bear Grylls Hiking Poles adjustable
Bear Grylls Hiking Poles carbon fiber


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