10 Best Outdoor Blogs You Need to Read

Published May 10, 2016

Inspiration leads to adventure and our fellow outdoors men and women are an awesome source. The amazing images, stories and humor that fill their blog pages will make you to break out and explore regardless of where you live.

We’ve put together a list of ten of our favorites, in no particular order. These are sites we visit often, especially during those soul draining, 9-5 hours of the workday. A few minutes on these sites will have you dreaming of the weekend and packing a rucksack.

1. Semi-Rad.com

One of our favorite outdoor and camping blogs is semi-rad.com. Brendan Leonard has published articles in major publications like National Geographic Adventure and Men’s Journal. He’s an entertaining writer with a love of adventure and the outdoors who informs and keeps you laughing.

ten best outdoor blogs - semi-rad.com

Written for the everyday outdoor enthusiast and hardcore thrashers alike, it’s full of thought provoking think pieces like, “A Flow Chart for Pooping in the Outdoors” and “The Rules for Dating a Dirtbag”.

pooping in the outdoors - a flow chart

An advocate for our national parks, Leonard recently spoke out on selling public lands to private companies. Everyone should be able to get out and enjoy nature. You don’t have to be the greatest rock climber or world champion mountain biker to have a great adventure.


2. DirtbagDarling.com

At DirtbagDarling.com, you’ll find stories written by real women who love to get out there and grab a big handful of Mother Nature. The founder, Johnie Gall has a thirst for adventure and a flair for writing. She and her husband travel all over the country in a converted Sprinter van living life to the fullest (luckyyyyy!).

ten best outdoor blogs - dirtbagdarling.com

As the name would suggest, most of the sites contributors are in fact women whose perspectives are fresh and inspiring.

big problem - adventure shaming

A recent favorite is an article about American’s problem of balancing work and life. In comparison to other countries like Australia and European nations, America is grossly behind with a lack of paid vacation days. Most working class Americans are shamed out of taking the vacation days they do get. According to this article, the majority of citizens only take about half of their allotted vacation time. Their advice: “Let’s put an end to adventure shaming and take back our time off. If we don’t do it, who will?”


3. GearJunkie.com

Gearjunkie.com has a huge collection of gear reviews and so much more. The founder, Stephen Regenold, began Gear Junkie as a newspaper column in 2002. Since the website launch in 2006, it has flourished with international reaching articles and a host of contributing writers and staff.

ten best outdoor blogs - gearjunkie.com

Gear Junkie offers readers an inside look at the hottest trends in outdoor gear. This is one of the top biking and camping blogs for those with a need for the latest tech.

enki stove wild biochar

In a recent article, “Where There Is (No) Smoke, There Is Fire”, Gear Junkie showcases an innovative smokeless, bio-mass burning camp stove. Developed by Enki Stove, The Wild burns pine needles and wood as an alternative to traditional gas burning camp stoves. It completely burns all bio-mass, leaving no ashes. Gear Junkie is the place to find environmentally friendly equipment.


4. 50Campfires.comCheck out 50campfires.com for one of the greatest dedicated camping blogs. From recipes to great tips, this is the place to go before planning a camping trip. 50 Campfires has delicious recipes for campfire cooking so there’s no need to settle for hot dogs and marshmallows. One of my faves is a face off between Scotch and Bourbon for the coveted space in your flask.

ten best outdoor blogs - 50campfires.com

Under the heading “Featured Articles” there is an article about how to care for your feet while hiking or camping. There is nothing more important than keeping those toes healthy and happy while enjoying the great outdoors. No one likes to share a tent with captain stank-foot.

50 campfires


5. theBigOutside.com

Micheal Lanza fills theBigOutside.com with fantastic descriptions of trips he takes with his wife and young children. He has spent the last two decades writing about the great outdoors and has tons of insightful tip and tricks.

ten best outdoor blogs - thebigoutside.com

Every entry on this blog is a personal experience with entire sections of articles on trips for the whole family, making this a great resource to get kids interested in nature.

the big outside website

He recently posted an entry titled, “10 Tips For Getting Your Teenager Outdoors With You”, chronicling his tried and true method for getting his teenagers outside. Lanza writes about the struggle getting his children to go on family adventures even though they have been hiking since they were small. His best piece of advice is “don’t wait til they’re teenagers”


6. The North Face Journal

The official blog of The North Face, The North Face Journal has a big budget and it shows. Filled with incredible photography and big time adventure stories, it’s my home base for inspiration. Whether it’s skiing, camping, rock climbing, or just enjoying nature, it will speak to the soul.

ten best outdoor blogs - the North Face Journal

The various writers come from all over the world bringing tales of grand adventures to inspire even the amateur outdoorsman. This site also has youth activity blogs that might help drag your kids away from whatever screen they may be staring at.

never stop exploring

One recent blog post from Chris Burkhard tells of the importance of getting kids outside. He writes of getting kids out of their comfort zone and facing fears of the unknown. Our favorite quote is “We don’t go through life just to make money, eat food, get old and then die. We go through life to feel real joy. It’s paramount to get outside of our comfort zones and experience and see new things… You just have to get of your comfort zone, no matter your age.”


7. ModernHiker.com

As far as hiking blogs go, modernhiker.com is top of the line. The writers for Modern Hiker know their stuff because they live it. From trail info to gear reviews, these outdoor experts can give any reader the information needed to enjoy hiking to the fullest.

ten best outdoor blogs - modernhiker.com

The blog was founded by Casey Schreiner. He spends his time between the trails of Southern California and his job as a television producer. He’s pulled together some features not found in other hiking blogs, such as downloadable files for GPS and Google Earth. With these resources a hiker can be sure of terrain, length and other trail specifics to be sure to bring what they need.

modern hiker website

Schreiner’s recent posts speak out on graffiti and vandalism that are ruining the natural beauty of Corral Canyon Cave outside of Santa Monica. Authorities have completely closed the area due to vandalism harming the environment.


8. theAdventureJunkies.com

One of the greatest adventuring resources on the web is theadventurejunkies.com. It was founded by Antonio Cala and Amanda Zeisset as a way to share their journeys and inspire a love of the outdoors in others. With links to destinations, resources, and informative articles, this is a one stop shop in the world of the best outdoor blogs.

ten best outdoor blogs - theadventurejunkies.com

There is an emphasis on scuba diving and hiking information, but they also have articles on kayaking, mountain biking, canyoning, wildlife safaris, and much more. This is a completely independently run website so there’s no paid for reviews or recommendations.

the adventure junkies website

Our favorite article was the list of best coastal hikes in the world. From the rocky outcroppings in Turkey to the smooth sand and blue waters of Hawaii, the photos alone will have you packing your bags and making plane reservations.


9. theClymb.com

For the broadest range of destination topics on our list of the best outdoor blogs, head on over to theclymb.com. With global contributors, the entries here span from America’s National Parks, Patagonia, Albania, and everywhere in between.

ten best outdoor blogs - theclymb.com

All of the writers have a love for outdoor recreation of all forms and it truly shows in the blogs. The Clymb also offers exclusive interviews with rising entrepreneurs, filmmakers, sport stars, and more.

theclymb.com website

Holly Zynda is an animal activist and writer for The Clymb. She recently wrote a blog about deadly animals across the globe. It showcases some animals that seem innocuous but can pose a serious threat. For example, the Slow Loris may look cute and timid but produces a lethal toxin in its saliva.


10. The Adventure Blog

>Written by adventure travel blogger, Kraig Becker, who collects hiking information from all over the globe and condenses it on The Adventure Blog. If you want to be kept up to date on the latest from the Himalaya’s, this is the place. You’ll also find gear reviews and more.

ten best outdoor blogs - the adventure blog

From hiking Annapurna to exploring Saudi Arabia, everything on this site will make you wanna book a flight right now. Becker showcases amazing videos of wolves in Yellowstone, river paddling in China, mountain biking in Switzerland, and the list goes on.

the adventure blog

In Kraig Becker’s most recent article, “Himalaya Spring 2016: Summits on Annapurna, Avalanches on Everest, and More” he delves into the dangerous world of climbing to the top of some of the world’s most famous, and deadly, mountain peaks…


That’s a wrap. Inspiration leads to adventure. Even if you live in bore-town, USA like I do, you can pull inspiration from others who explore exotic locales. They may push you to get out and explore that lake, trail or river that’s close to home. Whatever it is, I hope it recharges your batteries and rejuvenates your soul. Check out some of these sites and drop us a line and share some of your favorite outdoor blogs.

Written by Hutch


Hutch is the founder of Hiking.Earth. He comes from an outdoors and environmental background and helps people love and enjoy the outdoors and protect the planet.