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Trail Reviews

Appalachian Trail Post Script. An Interview with Joe Deitzer.

In the Spring of 2016, Joe Deitzer and his father, Dave, set out to thru hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. It had been their dream to do it together and the stars aligned, giving them both the time and flexibility to go for it. After 5 months and 2,190...

10 Best Outdoor Blogs You Need to Read

10 Best Outdoor Blogs You Need to Read

Inspiration leads to adventure and our fellow outdoors men and women are an awesome source. The amazing images, stories and humor that fill their blog pages will make you to break out and explore regardless of where you live. We've put together a list of ten of our...

Gear Reviews

Bear Grylls Watches – Luminox Review

A partnership between one of the most recognizable names in outdoor survival and a first-rate watch producer has given us a range of excellent Bear Grylls Luminox watches. The expert watch designers at Luminox go by the motto "Every Second Counts", which is perfectly...

The Bear Grylls Gerber Knife Reviews

No outdoor adventure toolkit is complete without a few key tools. A compass, first-aid kit, some paracord, and of course, at least one survival knife. Your knife needs to be durable, practical, and ready for heavy use if you're going to stake your life on it. I know...

Bear Grylls Trekking Poles Review

If you have spent time out on the trails, you know that a good hiking pole can be an excellent addition to your equipment. And a lifesaver for your knees! When I saw that legendary outdoorsman Bear Grylls released a set, I had to put them to the test on the trails. I...

Bear Grylls Survival Kit & Other Kit You Need In The Wild

If you have followed Bear Grylls for even a short amount of time, you are likely aware of the vast array of wilderness survival skills and the many tools that Bear utilizes in his demonstrations, specifically the Bear Grylls Survival Kits. This article will cover some...

The DIY Kayak Trailer That Saves Your Back and Budget

The DIY Kayak Trailer That Saves Your Back and Your Budget Build a custom trailer for $400 and never hoist a kayak over your head again. I've strained my back loading and unloading kayaks from our stylish minivan more times than I care to remember. It’s an exhausting...

Build These DIY Kayak Outriggers for Under $60

Build These DIY Kayak Outriggers for Under $60 Turn any kayak into a stable fishing platform with this set of DIY kayak outriggers that are simple to build and cost about 60 bucks. Compare that with kayak stabilizers you find online that cost $179.99 or more! Whether...

Supernova Halo 180. The Palm Sized Powerhouse.

Supernova Halo 180. The Palm Sized Powerhouse. Versatile, powerful and rechargeable. You'll find 100 ways to use this LED camp light. Ready wherever, whenever you need it. With 180 lumens of power in one of the smallest lanterns on the market, the Supernova Halo 180...

Gobi Gear SegSac, the Amazing Bag with the Horrible Name

The Gobi Gear SegSac A brilliant innovation that will change the way you pack...everything. See if this sounds familiar... You carefully pack your stuff sack with all of the essentials and head out for adventure. The first time you stop and open it you push clothes...